Time Tracking

Time tracking made easy: With SpikeTime you can record your work hours online in no time - alone or as a team.

Clear Interface

SpikeTime time tracking is easy to use and provides a clear user interface. Every major feature is always available within one click.

In the Cloud

You can access your tracked times, reports and lists from any device: your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Time tracking daily view

Correct time tracking plays a major role in properly billing your clients. SpikeTime is a modern software service that makes time tracking easy and fast. No more asking: “Who has the current version of our time tracking spreadsheet?” or “What did I do yesterday?”

Work times can be tracked on every device, every time. You’ll never forget to track your times and tasks again. The more you track, the more you’ll earn.

SpikeTime tracking has intuitive features to make time tracking less annoying.

Project budgets

With SpikeTime, managing your clients and projects is easy. You can set hourly rates for all projects or you can assign hourly rates for each individual project.

Our time tracking application helps to keep an eye on the budget for each project. You can define budgets in hours or in currency and, with a single click, you can see how much of the planned budget has been used and how much remains.

time tracking analytics and reports

A wide variety of reports provide a quick overview of your time and the tracked working time of your team.

Graphic reports of working time, distribution of working hours over your projects, and revenue are all available with a single click.

Data can also be filtered, grouped and analyzed in a convenient list and, of course, can be exported to Excel for further analysis (e.g. with a pivot table).


Screenshots SpikeTime-Time tracking software

Easy to Use

No installation or configuration required. Simply get started tracking your time If your needs get more complex, adding clients, projects and tags is child's play.

Regular Updates

The time tracking software is constantly updated and enhanced. We listen to feedback, suggestions, and ideas from our users! All ideas and suggestions are taken seriously!


SpikeTime provides a REST API. With the API you can easily connect your own software or other services to your time tracking system.

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