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    Can I use SpikeTime with a secured connection (HTTPS)?

    Yes. Every connection made to the SpikeTime application is secured over HTTPS. So no one but you can get to your data. (you can check that if you look at your address bar, there you can see a little lock)  

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    Do you perform regular backups?

    Yes, of course. All data is backed up multiple times a day and stored in secure databases.

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    Which formats can I use to track my work hours?

    SpikeTime provides two options for entering times. On the one hand you can just enter the duration you worked on a project (e.g. 2:00 h) or you can choose to enter time stamps as a from and a to time (e.g. 09:39 - 11:20).

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    Does SpikeTime provide a stopwatch to track my time?

    Yes. SpikeTime uses a server stopwatch. So a started stopwatch runs on our server. You can close your browser window or even switch to another device (e.g. your mobile).

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    Can I export my data?

    Yes, of course. You can filter all of your time tracking data and export everything to an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I'm already using another software for time tracking and want to import my data into SpikeTime - is this possible?

    Of course. You can import your data from other time tracking systems into SpikeTime - it doesn't matter if you previously used an Excel sheet or another online time tracking software. Just drop us an email (mail@spiketime.de). We can import almost every format

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    Is there a minimum contract duration?

    No. You can close your account everytime and we will stop charging your card immediately.

  • 8

    Which payment options do you offer?

    At the moment you can pay by:

    • Credit Card,
    • PayPal
    • and invoice (only if you pay annually and can make a SEPA transfer to our bank account)

  • 9

    Do I get an invoice?

    We generate invoices for each payment. You can download all of your invoices in your settings.

  • 10

    Does SpikeTime support multiple user rights?

    Yes - SpikeTime users can be assigned to one of three roles (Administrators, Managers and Employees). For each user you can define which projects he or she can see and track time for. Furthermore it's possible to restrict users to see the calculated revenue.

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    Can I install SpikeTime on my own server?

    If you're interested please send us an email: mail@spiketime.de

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    More questions?

    Just drop us a mail with your question mail@spiketime.de. We will answer in 24 hours (mostly earlier)